.1 Initial Rosters

Initial rosters must be submitted on or before a given date that is decided at the beginning of each season. (See section 1.1.3)
Initial rosters must include the names, gender, and birth dates of any players that have played for you, in games up to and including those played the day of submission. Contact information for each player is optional, but must be provided to the executive if requested.

.2 Updating Rosters

Additions can be made to rosters by submitting the name, gender, and birth date of added players along with the scores for their first game. Any players added must be reported by the score submission deadline for their first week, or the games that they played in that week will not be counted towards their qualification games.

.3 Player Restrictions

Players may only be active on one roster at any one time.
If a player wishes to leave their team and join a new one, they must appeal to the executive. Only with the approval of the executive, and a clear majority (2-1 ratio vote) of the team representatives will the roster change be allowed.